Thursday, November 17, 2005

Role of Blogs in Knowledge Management and Communications

Bill Ives recently presented on the Role of Blogs in Knowledge Management and Communications within the Enterprise at one one of my KM community meetings. The presentation was excellent. I recorded it and am sharing it with you all. To get the presentation you must register on the KSN - there is of course no charge to register. If you are already a member please contact me to find out how you can attend these calls for free.

Here is a brief description of what the call covered:

"Blogs are hot, but what do they really bring to business communication and knowledge management? How are successful early adopters using them? These are questions the presenter asked 70 well-known bloggers at firms ranging from IBM, Microsoft, Yahoo!, and SAP, to many small businesses in a variety of industries as part of research for his new book, Business Blogs: A Practical Guide. The combination of accessibility, transparency, and archiving that blogs provide has the potential to enrich business communication. This session summarizes the insights gained from the interviews and addresses the use of blogs for knowledge management, as well as internal communication and collaboration."

Here is the link: to the registration which will get you to the recording and the powerpoint.

Also, I apologize to those whose questions I have not yet answered. I promise I will report on other measures I use for the KSN.

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