Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Building and Sustaining Communities of Practice - Executive Summary

I know its been a couple of days since my last posting. Its been a bit crazy around here I should say. We are still talking communities of practice so I thought I would shoot you a link to two pieces of content that I think are great resources if you are building your own communities.
One is a brief overview on CoPs and the other is the executive summary from our research report on Building and Sustaining Communities of Practice.

Quick note, yesterday the reason I did not post on the blog is because I was hosting a community call. For me that has been a successful activity. I find a speaker, a topic and I set up a call every month for my community members. Oh ya! Did I forget to mention that I am a community leader. So some of this stuff that's coming from me is from experience.

If you are a member of the APQC and want to participate in my community calls on KM send me a line at