Friday, July 01, 2005

Happy July 4th

hello all,
Before leaving for the weekend I wanted to wish you all a very happy July 4th, that is those of you living in the States and have the day off of course.

I wanted to bring up a couple of things that you might want to think about or review if you have a moment this weekend.

1st, we are getting ready to kickoff a consortium study on "KM across the Value Chain," the delivery model is just like the one I did on CoPs, remember went on site visits and reported to you all. If you are interested in participating in this study please check out this proposal. The study has a cost associated with it but if its something you are battling with in your organization its well worth it.

Also if you have feedback on the scope don't hesitate to write and I will send it to the project team.

2nd, this whole discussion we have been having on funding models for communities. I have requested one of my writers to take all that discussion, get some material from our past studies and create a short white paper on it. If any one would like to contribute to the creation of this white paper please let me know.

That's it. I'm off now, I hope you all will have a wonderful weekend.
take care