Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Hi all, I subscribe to John Patrick's blog (I have added his blog as a link on mine). He is President of Attitude LLC and former VP of Internet Technology for IBM. He travels a lot and writes very interesting excerpts on his travels and thoughts about technology. So after hoarding my knowledge about his blog for this long I am shamefully now sharing it with you.
My impetus to do so is based on the topic for today. Patrick has an interesting entry about "phishing" especially the ones that seem they are coming from eBay or Paypal. I know I receive at least one or two a day, threatening e-mails saying that unless I verify my account with eBay it will be suspended. And believe me its difficult to delete those without hesitating and thinking they may be valid. Rest assured they are not. Patrick has done a great job outlining the issue so I am including a link to his blog entry on the topic.

Phishing - Part 4

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