Friday, June 30, 2006

What's the next big thing in KM?

Just ruminating a bit before the 4th of July holiday….

I’ve been lucky enough to do this “thing” called knowledge management for nearly a decade now and it still surprises me how many opportunities exist to help organizations just to get started improving their business through knowledge sharing methods. So there’s no real dearth of “starter” stuff or KM 101-type things that we can all think about or do, but what of the more advanced organizations? What can we offer them? What have they done or can do to take their KM programs to the next level? That is, what’s the next big thing in KM?

I’ll be taking some time away from the office next week, and maybe the break will give me a chance to refresh my thoughts on this. In the meantime though, I hope that when I do get back, I’ll find lots of ideas here from others to help me get a conversation going.