Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Communities of Practice at Fluor Corporation

Hello all, reporting from the road. Visited Fluor Corporation last week in Aliso Viejo, California. What a phenomenal place, I mean both the location and the organization. The KM team at Fluor is running and gunning with their initiative. They have a well planned strategy but more important than that is the fact that they are deploying the strategy according to the plan. I have attended many site visits in my years at APQC and if I had to pick out a couple of salient points that make these organizations stellar I would say 1) the team has passion, and 2) they roll up their sleeves and get the work done. The team at Fluor works really hard to make sure that they are providing complete support to their communities of practice. They have clearly identified roles and responsibilities in their communities and all the support staff comes through to help push, prod, pull, whatever it takes to keep the community running. Sorry I cannot share details with you until the study is released to the public. Fluor has spoken at other public conferences and if anyone knows a link to a presentation let me know and I will link to it.

I have also visited Ernst & Young and will be visiting Air Products and Chemicals tomorrow. Signing off from freezing Allentown for now.