Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hurricane Rita and new uses of Blogs

Hi all,
I think I have been jinxed by the rain bug. I went to India last month and got stranded in Dubai for two days because the Mumbai airport was flooded. Being there during heavy downpours was not much fun either but I made the most of it. If I ever figure out what is blocking my ability to post pictures I will post some pictures of my trip to the Taj Mahal and some glorious palaces in Jaipur.

So I come back and Katrina hits. More rain and as you know a major impact on Houston due to Louisiana's evacuees.

Well we are still reeling from Katrina and now Rita is about to hit Houston. I wanted you all to know that we are going to be closed here most likely starting tomorrow.

But here is the interesting part. My IT folks came and said, hey Farida! your blog is the only offsite Web site we have. If our servers are down can we use your blog to post messages to our employees. There is a unique use of a blog (offsite one), used in cases of emergency:-))

So, I am hoping all will be well and I will be back here Monday smiling but just in case its a while before I can write, its been great writing and I plan to pick it back up as soon as things smooth over.
You all take care and please bear with us if we end up using this site as our means of communication.