Monday, April 11, 2005

eGov Conference in DC

Sorry about the multiple postings today, if I don't do it right away I forget. Both Wesley Vestal and I are presenting at the eGov conference in DC on April 22nd. Wes is presenting on KM and Organizational Learning and I on blogs of course.

If anyone would like to attend the conference, eGOv is offering APQC a 25% discount. If you are interested please write me for the discount code. You can get more information about the eGov conference at their site.


Anonymous said...

Farida, Wonderful to see you and Wes at e-Gov last week. I have pondered the use of blogs in the corporate environment, especially for quick and easy sharing of knowledge, but haven't gotten much traction. Now, inspired by your efforts, I am going to try again.

As you've been exploring the use of blogs, have you come across any use by corporate boards or corporate secretariats? I am now working on learning and knowledge for our corporate board and secretariat, and am trying to focus their attention not just on learning programs, but on retaining knowledge as people leave, and also on what can they do for the organization rather than the other way around. Any thoughts?

natalie said...

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