Thursday, December 13, 2007

Blogs to the left of me, blogs to the right of me…

that’s how I described one of the findings from our just completed consortium benchmarking research on enterprise 2.0 tools. With about 120 of some our closest friends gathered together at APQC for 1-1/2 days to share their experiences, blogs were definitely on the minds and lips of everyone. Whether used as a communication or as a collaboration tool, blogs seemed to be considered THE way to connect people among many in the audience. So, with that wisdom in mind, I ask, “Who’s using blogs for business purposes, and what results have you seen?” Or, in other words, “Show me the money!” Comments welcome; encouraged; hoped for.

P.S. From the knowledge transfer session I described above, we created a new blog—just for participants only. They’re going to keep the discussion going in there. Those of you who missed out, well, you missed out. BUT—if you comment here, I’ll make sure they get a chance to hear from you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jim.. a Northwestern University sponsored study here may offer some insights.

Rybinski said...

Jim, Dale dropped me a note on my blog ( about your question. I am probably the only blogging central bank board member in the world, so let me write a few lines why I do it, what consequences it has and why I think blogging enhances global welfare, although maybe you do not see it in a form of cash.

1. I received invitations to several conferences from people who read my blog. To be sure, it had nothing to do with my central banker status, these were conferences on globalization, offshoring, intellectual capital
2. I was invited to write chapter to two books from people who read some articles posted on my blog (one in Poland and one in India)
3. One of may papers on global reserves management podted on my blog was read (downloaded) by 150 people, which means that the bit of knowledge I created was found useful.
4. My blog has some 3000 tagged resources (papers, presentations) which gives me a very quick access to knowledge I use. Many people who work with me or for me tell me that I have unbelievably high knowledge productivity, and part of the secret is keeping my knowledge resources on my blog.
5. There are some very interesting projects going on that originated from a discussion on my blog.

I know that business person will not call it a success. No money was made (I am even prohibited by the law to work outside the central bank), but blog enhances my knowledge reputation, brings new contacts (contributes to building relationship capital). Finally, I simply like it. It is a great fun whet you create knowledge that someone else can use.

I have just finished the Intranet project at the National Bank of Poland that is focused on knowledge sharing (it has Wiki functionality), anyone can post a message on the main page, anyone can comment on that message. To function properly it requires a proper "knowledge sharing" corporate culture, and we are working on it. Hopefully I will soon start two new projects Intranet 2.0 (with digg and social networking functionality) and tagged knowledge database, similar to resources I have on my blog.

Blogging goes really big. Really important names in economics have started their blogs, and post daily (Willem Buiter, former EBRD chief economist and Bank fo England MPC member) or Dani Rodrik, harvard globalization guru. And some of these blogs are far better than any economic newspaper. When something important happens and I want to see some comments to get a better idea I often go to blogs I trust, and I less often read newspapers or magazines.

Imagine new movies' titles that will appear in the coming decade: A blog too far, Enter the blogger, Blogfather, ...

Jim Lee, PMP said...

The Bloginator, National Treasure: Book of Blogs, The Blog Ultimatum, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Blog…and, my favorite: Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blog!

What a great idea! Just finding new movie names will be enough to keep me blogging now. Thanks Rybinski.

Your examples of how the blog has helped and informed your networking capability is a very real case showing its value—monetary or otherwise. In particular, your example of how many times a specific paper of yours was downloaded illustrates the power of this disintermediated communication venue. That is, knowledge as power has never been more apropos. In the days of tangible items providing value—equipment, vehicles, etc.—the more they were used, the less valuable they became. In this world of knowledge, the more the asset—intangible knowledge in this case—is used, the more valuable it becomes. The disintermediation in the form of the blog simply multiples the effectiveness of the distribution of knowledge.

While I’m here I might take the time to publicly thank Dale Arsenault ( for his unyielding willingness to both network and to provide intellectual capital to the conversation as well. Although Dale is certainly an adept blogger, I’ve found him to be more engaging in person. Something about an audio exchange with him being more interesting to me than digital.

Now, back to: It’s a Wonderful Blog, The Blog on the River Kwai, A Blog Named Desire….

Lyn said...

This is really powerful stuff! Can we use Mr Rybinski's testimonial? Oh look, it is published already for the world to see, ah...the wonderful world of blogs!

Opra said...

It's true that blogs are rather popular nowadays. There are a lot of people who start blogging and have more than one or even two blogs:)

MOUNI said...

Hey..... tht was one good post.. :)

Anonymous said...

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