Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm in! I'm in!

Okay, for all you fans of this blog (all 1 or 2 of you), I'm back! Believe it or not, my absence has been due to: 1) being extremely busy with clients, and 2) not being able to get into this thing. When google decided to take over www.blogger.com, they required everyone to switch over to their google accounts. For some time, I was unable to remember my google account name/ID, then when I finally figured out how to get in, my IE 6 browser wouldn't get me past the sign-in page. Finally accepting the fact that I was out of my league, I consulted with my IT guy and he suggested Firefox. I've used Firefox in the past, but always hated the fact that some images don't come through. However, this was no time to be stubborn, so the rest they say, "is history."

More importantly, being able to get back in means that I can continue to blog on what is important. And that is (drum roll please)....blogging! I have now been turned from the dark side and will acknowledge the value of some new(er) technologies, blogs included. Somewhat like being out of breath due lack of exercise however, I am going to finish this post on that note in hopes that you'll all come back for more the next time....


Anonymous said...

Welcome (back) to the dark side Jim! I'm sure lots of people will appreciate your upcoming insights. With Blogger, you can allow more than one person post on your blog.. so you might consider getting Darcy Lemons and others contributing as well.. it'll take the pressure off you!

Leonardo said...

Welcome , it is always a hassle, but it worked for me as well.

Dr. Lauchlan A. K. Mackinnon said...

Hi Jim, welcome back.

FYI, I posted a reply to our earlier discussion at http://lauchlanmackinnon.blogspot.com/2007/04/business-value-of-blogging.html - and then you disappeared!


Lauchlan Mackinnon

Jim Lee, PMP said...

Dale, thanks for your kind consideration of my mental health! However, since this blog features my ramblings, and "does not reflect the views of APQC, it's management, or sponsors," having others pitch in just wouldn't work.

Besides, if you knew the kind of workload Darcy is under right now, were I to suggest that she pitch in, you might just be able to make out her maddening scream in Montreal!

Jim Lee, PMP said...

Dr. Mackinnon, thanks for your continued sharing and support. While I will admit that I haven't read your response to blogging, I will to use it as an additional data point for our upcoming study.