Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Finally, a face to face meeting

Some of you may remember my ramblings about wanting to try out a face to face meeting for my KM virtual community. Well that has finally happened and I have put together my first Wine N Cheese get together for my Houston members. About 10 people are signed up and although it seems small I am actually happy that many more did not since I wanted to keep it small so I can really get to talk to most of these folks. Its being held on October 5th at our campus in Houston.
If your organization is a member of APQC and you would like to attend please let me know. If you don't know whether your company is a member or not, check to see if your company name is on this list.
There is no charge, its just an informal get together being held for local Houston folks.
I will definitely keep you posted on how it goes because I think face to face meetings are very important for communities to bond. I know that there are many very successful completely virtual communities out there but I strongly believe that if those virtual communities were given an opportunity to meet each other they would have an even stronger bond and maybe be more successful.
Please feel free to share your thoughts with me on this matter.
take care


Weedy said...

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Jeevan Kamble said...

Dear Farida,
I have some issues on KM,
1) Whether CoP is mandatory for KM sucess,How?
2) How to motivate people to attend CoP Meeting (IT Sector).
3) How to measure CoP outcomes interms of dollar count and results.
4) How Virtual community can be designed to become more active on collaboration tools...ie, again i am focusing on "PEOPLE" factor.
thanking you!