Thursday, September 23, 2004

Local chapter

Another thing I forgot to mention in my earlier posting and actually its a completely separate thought so I started a new post. This has to do with trying to gently nudge the community ahead and see if the dynamics of the group change. Right now my community is happy. I do all the work, they attend the call. Bada bing Bada boom. They provide feedback and respond to me when I prod them.
Now I am contemplating the idea of local groups or future chapters. Here is the process. I am going to send out a message to all my Houston KM Community members and say hey, I am organizing an informal dutch dinner for the KM community, this say, this time, please RSVP if you can make it and I will make reservations. I want this to be low cost since I do not have a budget for my community so all I can afford at this time is to pay for my own dinner. At the first dinner I will have something in hand to talk about. I might even get feedback from those who respond with a yea to see what they want to talk about or maybe we all just want time to chill and get to know one another. If my Houston dinner is successful and they want to do it again, I will try say DC where I have another concentration of members. Again same process but this time I will get help from one of my KM buddies in DC to pick the location and make reservations.
The intent is of course to have these informal dinners develop into tiny local KM chapters for APQC maybe introducing new members to the fold, helping out on projects and at conferences, etc. The possibilities are endless. If any of you reading has done this before please share your lessons learned with me. I could use them.


Bruce Hoppe said...

This sounds like a great idea. KM means different things to different people, so you might get some big regional variations depending on who spearheads. For example, where I am there is already a local CoP dedicated to KM, that discusses technology a lot more than you do in your blog.

abigail said...

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